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what can i do for you?

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Marketing STRATEGY

I can help you define your Brand, Content, Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy and help you grow your business.

Image by Elena Koycheva

Digital & Social Media CAMPAIGNS

I can help you find new customers and build digital and social media plans for Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Reddit platforms, so you can reach out to them efficiently and get them to know you and buy your products or services.

Image by Alex Gruber

Project Leadership

I can take care of managing your marketing projects and campaigns and help you find the right people to build a team that can perform the different tasks on your marketing plan. Strategy, Creative Execution, Production, Campaign Set Up and Optimization, Reporting...


On-demand campaigns

Long term as an outsourced solution 

On one-off projects or ongoing support

Daily/hourly rates or fixed project/campaign fees

Remotely or on-site 


If you think you need a hand in any of those areas, let's talk about it. I am always happy to have a chat and explore new opportunities.​

Thanks for your message!

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